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WebcamCapture.NET is free webcam software for capture video and image. Quick and easy capturing video and still image from any webcam including HD. Turn your webcam into a modern digital camera. Video blogging, video podcasts, snapshots - get the most out of any webcam. Support Windows operating systems, use advantages of Microsoft .NET platform and open source development. WebcamCapture.NET is in development stage right now.

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Latest project news:

June 27, 2011
WebcamCapture.NET prototype finished.


WebcamCapture.NET is in development stage right now. We will try to publish alpha version as soon as possible. Get the latest news about our progress from this site. If you have questions, suggestions or need more information please contact us. Below is preview information about our future product.

Microsoft LifeCam Studio Webcam


  • Capture video from webcam to AVI/WMV file format. Capture live video and audio simultaneously. Fast and simple.
  • Capture image in various file formats: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, GIF. Auto fill with custom data and edit image information using tags (EXIF). Turn your webcam into a digital camera.
  • Manage captured image and video files, edit your image and video files with one-click in your favorite application.
  • HD webcam support. Stream video from your HD camera without video quality loss, capture HD video for smooth playback.
  • Test webcam. Perform benchmark test or test it to resolve issues with your webcam. You can easily get log, diagnostic info and statistics about your webcam.
  • Control webcam settings. Full control over a video resolution, size, frame rate for capture, and any supported parameters of your webcam. Quick and easy. Save and reload it.
  • Custom webcam use with command line support and running custom actions for captured image and video files. Schedule, run from batch file or external application, transfer files to your site or ftp, send by email, upload files to youtube, photobucket, flickr and other.
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Logitech C905 Webcam


  • It's really free! And not only free, but open source. You are free to download, copy and install it. No missing features, no nag screen, no popup and no commercials. You can even modify source code if you need.
  • No advertising, spyware, adware, malware. We do not support any unwanted actions with your system. It is sad, but a lot of webcam software try to install spyware and adware to your system or try to add unnecessary toolbars to your browser or change your homepage. WebcamCaprure.NET does not use it.
  • Light weight. Fast download, fast install, fast run. No bulky, slow and resource-intensive software.
  • Easy to use, simple and friendly user interface. No skills or complex manuals required.
  • One software for all. Use any webcam from any manufacturer, change camera model but stay with WebcamCapture.NET Use any video capture device: not only webcam, but also frame grabber, CCD-Camera, TV-Tuner, DV camcorder, USB video capture device and any other with WDM/DirectShow compliant drivers.
  • No bounds. Get maximum from your webcam - no size, time or any other unwanted bounds to your video and image files.
  • Full webcam control. You may use full control over the webcam settings, no secret or hidden options.
  • Reliability. Effective use of the system resources, hot plug support, avoiding system conflicts, user-centered and clear error messages.
  • Multi language. Open-source make it easy to translate interface to any language.
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Philips 1300nc Webcam


  • Video recording. Capture your video without special professional software, with simple ant light weight software.
  • Video podcast. Create your video podcast with speed and upload it to your favorite online resource or own blog.
  • Still image capture. Use your webcam to get any kind of snapshot - make photobooth, time-lapse capture, party photos or simply make your own photos.
  • Create HD/SD Web Videos. Capture video scenes or animations for later editing in your favorite video editing software.
  • Surveillance. Create simple surveillance system with your webcam - capture video or image of room or object, transfer it over internet.
  • Convert video to digital format. Convert video from old VHS camcorders and VCR to your system with video in port, or transfer your videos from HD-cameras.
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